Frivolous Friday – We’re Getting a New Kitten!

Like most of you, I’ve loved many cats over the years. Some of them came to me full grown with their habits and quirks fully established. Others entered my home and my heart as kittens, who also came with preferences and even new habits, or would you call them whims? The truth is you never know quite what to expect when you introduce a new cat or kitten into your home.

I’ve been busy around here trying to remember how to kitten-proof the house. That’s when I realized that there are some things we still adhere to since Lily and Sophie were kittens—no poisonous plants, of course, no window-blind strings tied in loops where a kitten could get caught, no string, yarn or ribbon where they could reach it, toilet bowls closed all the time—glad we developed that habit—plenty of safe toys available, cubbies where a kitten can hide, places for them to claw, cozy beds where they may or may not sleep, secure window screens, latching screen doors so a kitten can’t inadvertently push her way outside, climbing apparatus for exercise and dexterity training. We’ve also maintained a habit of no faulty cabinet doors, cleaning supplies carefully safely hidden away. Litter boxes conveniently placed.

Lily was particularly taken with the broom—loved nibbling on the straw and our broom closet didn’t have a good catch. To this day, we use a heavy metal doorstop to hold that door closed. (Of course the doorstop is in the shape of a cat!)

In taking mental notes around here I realize that our house is still pretty much kitten-proof, but I’m sure Olivia—yes that’s her name, isn’t it sweet?—I’m sure she will teach us something new about kittens. They always seem to come with their own lessons for their new human.

We learned this week that there’s a setback with the kittens, but soon I’ll be able to announce the arrival of our precious Olivia. I’ll include pictures, of course. Feeling like a happy and eager soon-to-be kitten-mom. Excited!

PS: One of the kittens pictured here today is Olivia–can you guess which one she is?


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  1. Mollie Hunt says:

    Congratulations! Is she the dilute calico in the second picture? They’re all beautiful, of course.

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