Thoughts for Thursday – What Color’s Your Cat?

Cats come in many designs and patterns and shades and most of us have some favorites. Maybe you had a grey-and-white cat once that you adored. Certainly cats with that coloring will catch your eye as you recall special times with your special cat.

Some people like tabbies or sleek striped cats or fluffy cats of any color. Others prefer black cats or multicolored cats. One of my daughters likes brown cats and another one is fascinated by cats with a heart-shaped patch. There are pointed cats like the Siamese and Himalayan, ticked cats like the Abyssinian and any number of other types and styles and shades.

Some may wonder if that cat is grey with white or white with grey. When is a tortie actually a calico and vice versa? We’ve become so sophisticated in our deciphering of color and color combinations that a tabby is no longer just a tabby. It may be  a mackerel tabby, spotted, ticked, or blotched. There are also the dilute tabby and the torbie. And they come in many colors.

There are color breeds, then there are breeds where you’ll see most any color. Oh my, how does one keep up with it all? Do you remember the days when a cat was a cat was a cat? It was either ginger, white or shades of grey-black



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  1. Catherine Thorpe says:

    I just love cat coloured cats! They’re all gorgeous.

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