Newsday Tuesday – Fostering in the Pandemic

So many things have changed this year for us and for our animals. Those of us who’ve been isolating at home have happy happy pets who adore having us around more often. But not all cats and dogs are so lucky. Way too many of them have lost their people. Overwhelmed families are surrendering their pets. And, at a time when animal shelters are needed most, they’ve had to close. Who’s caring for this country’s homeless animals? Foster parents. This is the era of the pet foster home.

Sure, there have always been foster parents for cats and dogs. But this year even more animal lovers are stepping up to the plate and volunteering to foster adult pets as well as litters of kittens and puppies. It’s really rather a nice arrangement for a cat or a dog to live in a caring home instead of a pen while waiting for their forever home. And sometimes the foster home becomes their forever home, but this can’t be the case for those who continuously foster. You can’t keep every cat and dog you fall in love with. If you’re interested in additional information explaining how the pandemic is affecting our pets, visit here:

If you’re interested in the most satisfying, yet sometimes difficult task of fostering, this site might help answer some of your questions.



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