Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – What’s Your Cat Preference?

Yesterday we learned more about the Toyger breed. I thought it would be fun to explore some of the most exotic cats that people choose as pets.

When I became interested in cat breeds as opposed to just cats, my favorite became the Persian. I’m pretty ordinary in that, as the Persian was and may still be the most popular breed around. With other “fluffies” coming into the limelight through Cats Magazine and Cat Fancy, cat shows and now the Internet, those of us who adore the fur, have also become interested in the glorious Himalayan, the Maine coon cat, the Ragdoll, the Siberian, the Norwegian Forest Cat, etc.

Just as passionate about a style of cat are many who admire the jungle-type cat, thus the breeding for the Bengal, Savannah, Toyger, etc.

What’s your pleasure? The sleek, short-hair beauties (or no-hair) or the fluffies? Something in between is also nice.

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