Thoughts for Thursday – Cat Cafés During Pandemic

Cat cafés have been cropping up everywhere since the first one opened in Japan in 2005. Then 2020 came along and everything changed. The cats were adopted or taken in by foster families and the cafés closed. Some will probably close for good, but others are doing their best to stay afloat. At Le Cat Café in Philadelphia, for example, the owners are continuing to find homes and fosters for the local shelter cats while reminding the public of their need for funds. They’ve taken to the popular conference program—Zoom to keep in touch. They hosted a Virtual Kitten Saturday and Cats and Mats—a virtual yoga class in recent months. Read more about their efforts here:

In Nashville, Maegan Phan’s Mewsic Kitty Café may survive because of a GoFundMe program, and a government program she found out about. She plans to continue her business and her efforts to help homeless cats and kittens.

New York’s first cat café, Meow Parlour, has been closed for most of the year so far–fans are hoping they’ll reopen.

If you have a favorite cat café or you just adore the idea of the cat café and you’d like to see them survive this financial blow, here’s a site that offers ideas for how you can help.


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