Newsday Tuesday – Have You Ever Thought of Owning a Tiger?

Toyger (Face, Lying)Evidently owning a large exotic cat is a dream of some people, thus the work some breeders have done to create what you might call mini-jungle cats. Take the Toyger, for example.  It was developed by first crossing a Bengal with a street cat from India that happened to have the right type of markings.

The Bengal, as you may know, is basically a cross between an Asian leopard cat and a black domestic cat (probably the Mau–an Egyptian breed of the domestic cat).

According to experts, all house cats have tiger DNA, and the Toyger has no more than the ordinary domestic cat, but it sure looks like a tiny tiger. The story behind these exotics is interesting. And it’s possible to own one if you have around $5,000 to spend.

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