Mindful Monday – Adopt-a-Cat-Month

June is Adopt-a-Cat-Month. This year, in many states, we still can’t go to a shelter and shop for a pet, yet people are really stepping up to help. In Canada, pet adoptions overall are up 60 percent. https://www.burnabynow.com/news/cat-adoptions-are-up-during-the-pandemic-here-s-how-to-do-it-1.24143130

In Canada and the US shelters have been cleaned out. While many of the animals have been adopted, others are being cared for in foster homes while awaiting the right family. Reports show that this is one of the most successful years for pet adoptions, fostering, and donations, but still there are hundreds of cats and dogs, even bunnies, guinea pigs and snakes and rats waiting for homes

Each country and each state seems to be handling adoptions differently. If you want to donate or volunteer or adopt, check with your local shelters—both private and county/state run. Here’s how they’re doing things in the Austin area: https://www.statesman.com/opinion/20200525/gratitude-and-optimism-at-animal-shelter-during-pandemic

I’m starting my journey to find just the right cat to fill the void Lily left in our home and heart. I don’t expect to fill her paw prints. No cat is the same, but I’m considering my next cat for us and for Sophie. I’m learning that the process is done remotely now. You can’t walk into a shelter and cuddle the cats. You look at them online and discuss options and specifics via email, text, telephone. You may not get to actually meet your new fur-baby until the day you take her home—and that process is done curbside. Who could have predicted we’d be ordering our next pet like you do a hamburger at a drive-through?

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