Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – When Cats Take Over Whole Cities

When is it too many cats? I guess everyone has their limit, but some cities seem unable to say no to stray cats. There’s a small town in Turkey, for example, that has been virtually vacated of humans and is now run by homeless cats. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality is considered a Kitty Paradise. It was established by a local veterinarian who wanted to create a safe place for the local homeless and stray cats. Currently 50 cats live in lovely handmade single-cat homes as well as cat apartment buildings, and they’re cared for by many willing volunteers. This would be interesting for us cat lovers to see. Here’s a site with some great photos.


There are cat colonies throughout the world, but none would be as fascinating as the one housed in the famous ruins Largo de Torre Argentina. This colony, it seems, was created by the cats themselves—they simply moved in. For years, the cats were fed by self-proclaimed “cat ladies” on, they say, an irregular basis. Now a more organized band of volunteers care for the cats.


According to statistics, the US has the largest population of cats in the world. It probably follows that we also have the largest stray/homeless population. There are cat colonies in every state and many communities. None are probably as prominent as the one that has taken over the entire town of Taylorsville, KY. They claim around 400 cats living there among the 1800 human residents. Here’s that story:



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