Frivolous Friday – Ordinary Cats in Unusual Places

Most of us have been home more in the last few months than at any other time we can recall. You’re not spending time at the mall, that’s for sure. In fact, all of your favorite stores have been closed and you are avoiding most of those that are open. You’re not getting your hair or nails done. You’re opting for delivery and you may even be postponing doctor, dentist and veterinarian appointments. And no one is traveling or going out for extended luncheons with friends. We aren’t attending quilting groups, business or self-help presentations, Bible study, even church services.

Until March of last year I was at my mother’s a lot, an hour drive both ways. Helping Mama out was my main focus for many years. Then I became the trustee for her estate and was gone from home a lot meeting with attorneys, real estate agents and so forth. (And Edison sent me a letter asking why I’m using more electricity this year than last???)

Since we are home more we’re spending a lot more time with our cats (and dogs). We might be seeing behavior we’ve never noticed before. That could be because they’re exhibiting new behavior. Cats are very sensitive to change—good or bad. Consequently, you’re probably noticing things about your cat that you haven’t noticed before. She’s needier—wants to be close to you all the time. She may get tired of being petting so often. Some cats show off for their humans and she might be exhibiting increased activity. Or she’s becoming lethargic because of so many treats. Admit it, you go to the kitchen more often these days, right? So does your cat. And you see them in unusual places doing unusual things.

I’d love to receive photos of some of your cat’s isolation behavior.

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