Mindful Monday – NEW Book for Your Reading Pleasure

It’s true, Book 43 is published now in print and Kindle form. Whiskerful Thinking is the third book we’ve published this year. Here’s my description:

In this story, Rags claws his way out of some sticky situations.

A family-bonding camping trip soon turns frightful when Rags is accused of wrongdoing, then he’s taken under unusual circumstances. Was this to punish him or Savannah? In this story, the wily klepto cat also rescues a cat friend from certain death, helps recover a missing pooch, and happens across a very special cat who has lost her way. Amid the flurry of action and activity, little did Rags know that his cushy lifestyle was in serious jeopardy when an eccentric character comes forward to claim ownership of him. Even Savannah’s good friend Rochelle, the psychic, believes the perpetrator is of pure heart.

As you may know, book sales are up—last I heard/read, they were up 777%. People want to learn new ways to survive in these crazy times and they want to be led away from the worries and realities of what’s going on.

For those of you who enjoy my Klepto Cat Mysteries, I thank you and I’m doing my level best to keep you entertained as you remain safe inside.

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