Thoughts for Thursday–What’s in a Cat Name?

The tally is out—here are the most popular cat names for 2020. And I have to say it hasn’t changed much over the years. I’ll also admit that I’ve used some of these names. Lily is a fave of many. Who knew? I thought I was being creative when I named our prissy, gentle tabby Lily. Other popular names for girl cats are Nala, Bella, Luna, Sophie, and Angel. (I have a Sophie, too.)

For boy cats, people seem to like Oliver, Charlie, Leo, Max, Simba, Gus, and Smokey. Yup, I’ve had a Max and a Gus. How about you? What are some of the more creative names you’ve come up with for your cats? We named a white odd-eye cat Winfield. I doubt that’s on any list of popular cat names, but Winston is. We had a Dinah. She came to us with the same name as one of our other cats, Katy, so we wanted to rename her and we decided to let her name herself. We watched for clues for a name that would fit her. We’d throw names at her, but they wouldn’t stick. Finally we realized she spent a lot of time in the kitchen with us. One day I broke into song, “Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah…” And Dinah became her name.

What are some of your most unusual cat names and why did you choose that name?

If you want to know more  about naming a cat, check out these sites:

Are you interested in a name that’s more off-the-wall? Here’s a site that suggests unusual names for cats. Included are Ricky Ticky Tab, Meatball, Mouse, Goldilocks, and Abracadabra.

Lily Update

I had a thrill this morning when Lily came out of the back room, where she chooses to stay on a thick soft blanket next to her water fountain and close to a litter box. She joined me in the bathroom as she has done every morning for her entire 11 years. She walked with me to the kitchen and begged for breakfast. Of course that was the first thing I did this morning–fix her a plate and she ate. She’s eating small amounts several times a day. At bedtime last night she refused food and seemed weaker and sicker. But this morning, a sweet surprise. After breakfast, she paid my office a brief visit, then walked slowly back to her comfortable place. I joined her there and we had a sweet petting session together.

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2 Responses to Thoughts for Thursday–What’s in a Cat Name?

  1. Betsy Pompi says:

    I currently have a Lucy and Zoey. I’m surprised I didn’t see either of those names on your list. The only male cat I have had was a Demetrius. I’m not surprised to see that on your list. My other names were Midnight (obviously a black cat) and CeeCee (short for Cuddly Calico. As a kid we had Tiger (another obvious one) and Dirty Face (a sweet kitty with a white face with a gray part to it. We had a male in that group (all part of the same litter), but I can’t remember his name. He left us early. on to roam and father many kittens. These were “working cats” who kept the rat population down in our barn and chicken coup and were rewarded occasionally rewarded with a saucer of milk. Oh how times have passed! Love your books. Love your blog!

    • Patricia says:

      Actually if you followed the links, you would have seen both Lucy and Zoey. You mentioned Midnight for a black cat–there’s also Ebony, Blackie… Orange cats might be named Marmalade, Rusty, Red, Marble. Names are fun. Gladyou are enjoying the blog.


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