Mindful Monday – Kitten Season: How Will You Help This Year?

2020 is a year like no other. We’ve all had to change our way of doing just about everything. Our priorities have changed, our social life, the way we relate to our own pets and others, our daily activities, even our attitude and level of anxiety or peace is at issue. At a time when we need our faith connection more than ever, we may struggle with fear and uncertainty and a sense of overwhelm. Along with this we’re also feeling financially insecure and virtually helpless at times.

Changes and uncertainty also plague our animal shelters. Here we are in the midst of kitten season. Cats and other pets are being discarded by families who can no longer care for them. You read of all the virus deaths across this nation and beyond and each of them has a story of a life interrupted. Like you, they were living, had family, friends, jobs, hobbies, and pets. Because of Covid-19 thousands of cats and dogs have become homeless. And many shelters are struggling to follow health guidelines while helping these animals. Add to that, kitten season.

Animal shelters are not operating as usual, but they still need our help. Contact your local shelters, or check their website to see what they need. Vow to help in any way that you can. There are always animals in need of food, shelter, care. Let’s open our heart, our home, and our pocketbook. Remember, you’re not the only victim of this pandemic.

To learn more about what’s going on in animal shelters at this time, visit: https://blogs.cornell.edu/cornellsheltermedicine/2020/04/02/its-kitten-season-recommendations-in-the-face-of-covid-19/

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