Newsday Tuesday – Behind the Scenes With Cats

Every performer, speaker, and even blogger has a life behind the scenes and my life with our precious tabby, Lily, has been rocky these past few weeks. As many of you know, she’s a long-time survivor of kidney disease. Well, she’s survived with it for ten years since she was diagnosed, although we’ve had serious setbacks twice with her. I call them “crashes.” Well, she has crashed again and it’s been pretty awful for her and for those of us who adore her.           

After a week with no improvement, in fact, decline, we started her on a new treatment yesterday and we’re praying like crazy that she can recover to enjoy more years with us.

Happy note: she ate a little breakfast this morning.

I’m eager for the day she resumes bugging me when I try to eat my lunch—begging for bites. I want to be tripping over her stuffed toys which she scatters all over the house. I want to feel like I’m walking through Jello when I’m in the kitchen preparing a meal—especially her meal—as she winds herself around and around my ankles. I want to have to stay in one position in bed at night because I don’t want to bother her as she sleeps soundly against me. I’d even be happy to sweep a couple of times a day when she gleefully kicks sand out of the litter box while taking care of her business in there. And I welcome your antics to get my attention when you think it’s time for you to eat.

Come back, little Lily, all the way back, for another few years of your unique cat-ness.

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