Frivolous Friday – Unusual Gifts For Cats

Do you buy gifts for your cat at Christmas and maybe on her birthday? How about when you travel (or used to travel)? I typically buy Lily a tiny stuffed toy when I travel—a bald eagle and a moose from Alaska, a miniature cat from the wild cat preserve, a stuffed otter from the sea center, and a baby owl toy when I attended the raptor center open house.

You probably shop for cat beds, cat treats, cat trees, and new cozy blankets for your cat. I just ordered a new litter box for Lily—one with higher sides as she’s starting to pee over the edge of the old one. Sighhhhh!

Some people I know dress their cats and they order new hats, little glasses and other apparel for their willing (or tolerant) kitty. You might shop for a harness and matching leash or a new carrier for a trip or a hammock for your kitty’s many naps throughout the day.

Have you ever bought nail covers for your cat to keep him from clawing furniture? I don’t know how you’d put those things on an awake and wriggly cat. You might install of window perch so your cat can watch what’s going on outside or a fish tank full of interesting fish. Did you know they sell videos for cats and special music to calm them?

Our cats have a drinking fountain. Many cats really love them. They also have a cat tunnel where they can play or hide out for a while. Seriously, with cats being so popular, there are more and more individuals and companies finding interesting ways to entertain and amuse the cat and make her comfortable and innovative ways to entice us to purchase these things. I’ll bet some of you have done some shopping for your cats since you’ve been home on lock-down together. Am I right?

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