Newsday Tuesday – The New Weather Cat

Along with the many changes taking place in our lives these days, we’re seeing a different view of the news and weather forecasting “from the hovel,” as some say. News- and weathercasters try to find a quiet space in their home to present their message, give the weather report, or share the news of the day. TV show hosts are filming through computer technology from their kitchen, living room, even their children’s cluttered bedroom or their backyard. You get a glimpse of how your most familiar TV personalities live and sometimes a peek at their pets.

Our weatherman stands in front of a wall of ivy to give his daily report. Sometimes his St. Bernard joins him. I find myself looking forward to seeing the dog.

Cats are even more likely to show up on screen during an at-home filming session. If the cat is at all curious, she’s going to worm her way into the room just to see what’s going on. Take Betty the Weather Cat. She wandered onto the temporary home-based set one day and is now on demand as part of the team. According to the story, ratings are up since Betty joined the crew.

Dogs get into the act too. Here are some stories of how news- and weathercasters are adjusting amid the typical distractions of home.


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