Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – What Do Cats Really Do When They Go Outside?

We talked about this in an earlier post. Where does your cat go when you let her outside? A study group has finally answered that question for us—well sort of. It’s still going to take some imagination to figure out why the cat does what he or she does.

Curious fellows and gals formed the Cat Tracker’s Project involving 900 cats over a six year period. They fitted the cats with GPS collars, then sat back and watched and waited to find out how far they travel. Most, they said, stay within 330 feet of home. I saw a map once outlining the actual path of a cat on the prowl. That cat stayed within a fairly small area, but walked quite a long ways as his route took him here and there, back and forth, up and down and across–often many times over.

In this most recent study, seven percent of the cats monitored stayed within a 25 acre space and several covered larger areas. The record, however, was set by a cat named Penny who roamed three square miles. There was one cat who walked one mile to the next town, they say, for no apparent reason.

Where does your cat go and what does he do when he’s outside? Check out the details of this study and maybe consider using a GPS on your wayward cat.


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