Thoughts for Thursday– Where Do Cats Come From?

In many cases the response is, “I don’t know. The cat just showed up.

Are you a cat magnet? Do cats seem to be drawn to your yard? I have friends like that. In fact one friend must live close to a cat colony because so many cats have found their way into her yard and her heart. All four of her current cats wandered in from who knows where and they stayed. She has all of them spending at least some time indoors now.

The reason I believe she’s near a known colony is that recently one of her more newly acquired cats disappeared overnight and returned a few days later missing an ear tip. Yup—he’d been neutered and returned. She’d been feeding this guy for months and had finally lured him into her house where he’d lounge with her and three other cats on chilly evenings. I guess you’d say this cat is (or was) living a double life. It’s possible that he hangs out with other cats in a colony by day and comes home to her by night (or vice versa).

Meanwhile Fancy (as she calls him) found himself a nice person who serves regular meals and provides a safe yard and a cushy home for him. What a lucky, lucky cat.


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