Frivolous Friday – Kitty-Cat Games

What’s your favorite game to play with your cats? Max used to love to play catch. Each evening when he’d see me prepare to head off to bed, he’d jump up onto the cat tree and look at me in anticipation. I’d get his spongy ball and we’d have a wild game of catch. Because the ball was soft, he could catch it in his claw and he’d toss it back to me. Wish I had a video of that.

Lily likes to leap after a piece of a plastic straw. I use a straw in my coffee and clip the end off so it will fit better. Lily hears the clip of the scissors and runs into my office waiting for me to flick that piece toward her. She catches it then drops it and waits for me to flick it again. Cuteness.

All of our cats seem to enjoy wand toys. However, we are not fans of the wand with a string attached. When Sophie was a kitten and still trying to adapt to being “safe at home,” she got tangled in the string of one and it frightened her. We retired that toy.

When you’re dealing with a feral kitten, it doesn’t take much to create a setback in his socialization. So we use only the wand toys with the feather or whatever attached to the end—no string involved. Hmmm, Sophie grew up to like eating string and ribbon–was it in retaliation? We can’t have anything like that around here—even bows on packages. She’ll eat even metallic bows. Seriously dangerous.

Lily likes to leap after wads of paper. If she hears me crinkling paper, she comes running in anticipation of the toss. She’s entertained by the challenge and we’re entertained by her athletic abilities.

Cats like anything that moves. If you stop wriggling the wand or tossing the wad of paper, for example, the cat will lose interest.

What’s your cat’s favorite game? Is it related to a cat toy or something she has turned into a toy—like the paper wads and the straw tip?



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