Mindful Monday – Sick With Cats

No, I don’t mean sick of cats, but sick with cats. How do your cats react when you’re too sick to keep to your usual routine?  We all know that most cats don’t do well with change, especially when it affects their routine. Make a cat wait an hour or even ten minutes for a meal and she isn’t pleased. Curl up on her favorite sofa all week under her favorite blankie while recuperating from some foreign ailment and you never know what her response might be.

I just spent a week on the couch. Arrrgghhhh. I confiscated a cozy throw that Sophie enjoys—in fact, sometimes the cats fight over it. Sophie is a mellow cat who would rather walk away from a fight than scrap. But that blanket is one thing Sophie will stand up for. She’ll defend her blanket against Lily every time. But while I used it, she merely kept her distance and found other places to curl up. She has a bed, after all. Mostly she chose my bed when I wasn’t in it. She wouldn’t even come near me. (Heck I didn’t even want to be near me in that condition.)

Sophie will lay across my lap when I stretch out on the couch on a normal day—almost every single afternoon/evening. But apparently not when I’m sick. Last night, however, I guess she could tell I was human again—barely, and she resumed her usual behavior. I’d also returned her blankie to her by then.

Lily stayed close throughout my horrible week of sickness—probably hoping I would recover quickly and feed her.

Together we survived and hopefully we can all return to our normal routines. High-paw, Lily and Sophie. (I wrote that Saturday morning, but things didn’t go as I’d hoped.) Sure, I began to feel better. I even fixed my own meals a couple of times. Then, the UGLY started taking over again with new annoying and even painful symptoms. I guess I’ll have to ease back into the human race one day at a time–one hour at a time. This is no fun, gang, but it’s still easier with cats who express their love for you even when you’re at your worst.

Stay healthy. I hope to be back walking and writing soon, but after over t0 days of the  nasties, things do tend to appear bleak. I wonder, will I ever get my health back? Sophie wonders if she’ll ever get her blankie back. Lily just wants to be fed and she doesn’t care who does it.


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4 Responses to Mindful Monday – Sick With Cats

  1. Kathy says:

    On no feel better soon. It’s no fun being sick. Take care of yourself🤗 Kathy

  2. Kathy says:

    Oh no feel better soon.Take care of yourself. A HUG from me🤗

  3. Mollie Hunt says:

    Whatever it is, I have it too. My husband’s been feeding cats, but not on their expected schedule. The biggest change is I’ve not been able to have them sleep with me because Blaze is a stomach stomper. This displeases them greatly. Get well soon!

    • Patricia says:

      I wondered if you were still down. It’s sure been an unpleasant roller coaster. What I hate most is the lack of energy day after day. So not me.


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