Newsday Tuesday – The World’s First Meowntaineering Cat

I love this story of Gary the MEOWtaineering cat. Gary is a 5-year-old rescue who had gone through a serious surgery to repair a badly broken leg. He was a bit skittish when James adopted him—he’d hide under the bed when visitors came and all, but adventuring has definitely brought this beautiful cat out of his shell.

James said Gary seemed to have a real desire to be outside, but James didn’t feel it was safe, so he harness-trained the cat. Gary enjoyed walking around the neighborhood so much that James began taking him on family outings to the park and into the wilderness. Gary seemed to enjoy hiking and camping, so James outfitted him for greater adventures. He has his own pair of goggles and some fashionable outfits, as well as a pup-tent—or I guess you’d call it a cat-tent. James also carries a specially designed backpack for when Gary gets tired of hiking.

James says that Gary’s favorite sport now is paddling. You just have to follow this link and see the really great photos of Gary in some of the most beautiful scenery and participating in some amazing outdoor sport activities. I’ve looked at these photos several times. What a beautiful cat and a beautiful story.

(I’m under the weather today–don’t worry, Lily and Sophie are taking good care of me. So I won’t spend time and energy trying to add photos–please, just follow the link and enjoy.)

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