Newsday Tuesday – The Nebelung Cat

Image result for Nebelung KittensThis is a new one on me. Have you heard of the Nebelung (NAY-bel-ung) cat? She looks something like a Russian Blue with long hair, but breeders say this isn’t the case. However, the Russian Blue is certainly in the mix that contributed to this breed back in 1986. In 1997, the International Cat Association recognized the Nebelung and, if you can find one, they sell for around $400.

Nebelung evidently means Creature of the Mist in German. It is told that the original Image result for Nebelung Kittensbreeder saw a black long-hair cat come from out of the mist and she rescued her and used her as a foundation for this breed.

The Nebelung has long, dense shimmering blue-grey fur and wide-set green eyes. She’s loyal and sweet. Some say she’s also a bit shy. If you’re interested in owning a Nebelung, you might have to wait in line as they are still considered rare and difficult to find.

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