Mindful Monday – The Eye of the Cat

“Who can believe that there’s no soul behind those luminous eyes?”

“In a cats eyes, all things belong to cats.”

“A cat can close his eyes and keep both ears awake.”

“If you want to know how to love, get a kitten: look into its eyes. You’ll get it.”

Is there anything as mesmerizing as a cat’s eyes? No, that’s not a famous quote. That’s my observation. A cat’s eyes are not only enchanting, they’re unique and interesting. Compared to our 20/20 vision, a cat’s eyes are thought to be 20/100. Cats see objects in the distance better than we do, but they don’t as easily recognize items up close, thus their tendency to use their nose when being introduced to someone or being offered a food treat, or new toy. Cats can see some color, just not as vividly as we do. Supposedly, they need only 1/6 of the illumination we do in order to see in the darkness.

As you’ve probably noticed, a cat’s pupils change size and shape by their mood or emotion. But did you know that their eye color can become darker the mellower they are. I see my cats’ eye color change when I’m photographing them, depending on the amount and type of light in the room and the camera I’m using.

One of the most charming things about the cat’s eyes is that they use them for kissing or at least affection. Ever have a cat stare at you and give you a slow blink? While some people might see that as a negative—“The cat’s staring me down. It’s an evil cat…” in reality the cat is showing affection. Some say this slow blink from a cat is a kiss. You can return the “kiss” by blinking slowly at your cat. Try it today and enjoy a sweet kitty moment.


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