Newsday Tuesday – Are Cat Cafés Passé

Around 2014 we began hearing and reading about cat cafés. I’ve visited a couple of them, you probably have too. And you’ve read about cat cafés here in this blog. I wondered if they’re still popular or if they’ve gone by the wayside as trends often do. Are they making a difference for cats? Most of them, as you know, strive to find adoptive parents for homeless cats and kittens.

I checked and learned that cat cafés are actually doing quite well in their mission. It is predicted that 2020 will be the best year yet for the cats supported by these cafés. While, in 2014, there were a few such establishments where you could go for a cup of coffee and a lapful of kitty love. Today, it’s reported that more than half of the states have multiple cat cafés with several in some cities. If you want to find a cat café in your area or where you’ll be visiting soon, you’ll find a guide here: And be assured that a visit to one cat café is in no way representative of them all. Each one is different. But they all have cats and all of them have the same premise—to find good homes for the cats.

Some serve simple drinks and packaged cookies, while others offer more elaborate coffees and desserts. Some are housed in tiny alcoves while others have elegantly designed rooms and restaurant. Here’s a site listing 170 cat cafés worldwide, including at least one in Poland, Brazil, Taiwan, Ukraine, and Chicago.  Here’s one listing just cafés in the US. I don’t know how old this directory is:

This year why don’t you add a visit to at least one cat café to your list of fun things to do?

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