Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Cats in Small Places

I have many photos of my cats and other cats in boxes, bags, luggage, cartons, baskets, hidey holes, and anywhere else where a cat or a kitten might fit. Cats like to hide. They like to crawl under blankets, into purses, even inside the dishwasher or refrigerator. I saw a picture last week of a kitten sitting next to a jar of mayonnaise in the door rack of a refrigerator.

When I take my rice cooker out of the cupboard, Lily often slips in behind me and occupies the empty spot for a while. She crawls inside the cupboard when I’m stacking cat food cans after a grocery store run (my helper). She often takes a nap in

Fridgie FryPan checking out the stove.

the closet. I’ve learned to leave one of the sliding doors open just wide enough for her to escape.

Manufacturers of cat trees know that cats like hidey holes and they provide tunnels and caves for cats. If only they would make those cat trees more sturdy. I think most of them are at least a little dangerous for the exuberant, playful cat. They’re top-heavy and easily tip when a large cat becomes playful.

How often do you find your cat in your suitcase or tote bag when you’re packing for a trip or an event? Is it because the cat wants to go with you? Most likely not. The cat probably sees the suitcase or tote bag as a marvelous new place to sleep or play.

Here’s something to brighten you day—a whole bunch of pictures showing cats and other animals in small places—shoes, egg cartons, a tea kettle, a fish bowl and more.



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  1. Ellen Pilch says:

    Such cuties. They always find unique places to nap.

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