Mindful Monday – How to Catch a Cat in the Act

I hope you enjoy my photos of cats as much as I enjoy scouting out photo ops and taking the pictures. But there are some shots that are difficult to capture. You probably know the ones I mean.

There are certain things cats do that are clever, cute, funny, entertaining, and maybe unique. A cat might occasionally leap after a humming bird in your yard, sneak a piece of chicken off your dinner plate, sleep in a particular position, wrestle with the dog, go nose-to-nose with your pet hamster, take a morsel of food from the dog’s dish when no one’s looking, or wrap herself up in a piece of newspaper or wrapping paper. You know what I mean. Your cat provides you with that once-in-a-lifetime shot, but you don’t have your camera ready. You miss the shot. Either the cat doesn’t do it often enough, or she does it behind your back.

Here, it’s Lily carrying her toys in her mouth. She does it all the time. I put them away and she brings them back out and spreads them around the house. She brings me my slipper socks (cozy sock) in the morning to my office. She has even been known to drag a t-shirt off the bed into the hallway. She’s been engaging in this cute activity for nearly 10 years, but it is a real challenge to get a photo of her doing it. I still don’t have a good shot with good lighting, good focus and all. She’s just darn sneaky—seems to want to keep her klepto tendencies under the radar. Although she often delivers a stuffed bear, hedgehog, possum, kitty, or bunny to me with a loud yowl—announcing herself, by the time I get the camera or even phone camera ready, she’s dropped it and maybe even walked away.

Maybe it’s just a game she plays with me. “Catch me if you can.”

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