Newsday Tuesday – Are You a Crazy Cat Lady?

This story was in the news ten years ago, but I thought you might find it interesting. Joy Ciarcia-Levy decided to do a piece featuring four women that others probably consider crazy cat ladies and she really went to the extreme when she chose the four women—all seemingly with serious emotional and/or mental issues.

Heck, many of you may refer to yourself affectionately as a crazy cat lady—as do some of your friends and family. You love your cats. You spoil them. You buy toys for them and consider them when you plan a trip. And you may have a few cat-related items around your house—a cat-shaped tea pot, jewelry, a cat motif dish towel or cozy throw, for example. Yeah, that’s me. I’m one of those crazy cat ladies, but not as crazy as some, it appears.

For example, I don’t have 123 cats and have frequent run-ins with animal control about the stench coming from my house. I don’t shun friends and adventures outside the house because I’d rather be with my cats. (Sure I’d rather spend a quiet evening with Lily and Sophie than some people out there—but I mean, let’s be real.) And I don’t treasure my cats over any of my family or friend relationships (although the cats are pretty high on the totem pole). And I don’t live in squalor because of my cats. Check out this story and see how you fit into the scheme of things when it comes to the label, Crazy Cat Lady.


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