Frivolous Friday – Strays in the Neighborhood

I could do a photo show of stray cats. I love taking pictures of cats that appear to be on their own or maybe just out of the house for the day while their humans are at work. When I spot a cat outdoors I feel as though I’m suddenly privy to his very private life as an adventurer, overseer of his yard, neighborhood monitor. When I stop to photograph the cat, I’m interrupting his fantasy and his self-imposed job of checking under the shed for mice, keeping the butterflies at bay, and certainly staving off other strays or daytime outdoor adventurers like himself.

Cats and the out-of-doors go together like cheese on a hamburger or whipped cream on Jell-O (well I used to like it that way). Just about every backdrop is a good one when photographing a cat outside—an expanse of lawn, a flowering shrub, a gnarl of dried branches, a section of an old wooden shed, a bicycle (somewhere I have a picture of a cat sitting on a bicycle), a flower bed, the trunk of a tree, a pile of junk even. A cat might perch on a post, peer out at you from under a bush, sprawl across the branches of a tree, hide behind an old shovel, sit on the back of a horse or crouch near a flock of birds at a feeder.

The possibilities are endless and intriguing, which is why I often take my camera with me when I walk around the neighborhood. You should too. It’s good for the body and the soul.

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