Mindful Monday – What’s Your Preference in Cats?

Do you like cats that are fluffy, sleek, active, kickback, cuddly, aloof or does it even matter? Maybe to you a cat is a cat. But down deep, is there a breed or style or type of cat that melts your heart? Maybe you remember one you had as a child or during a meaningful period in your life. Did a scrawny stray show up on your doorstep just when you needed a friend? Sure you’ll remember that cat with great reverence.

If you once happened upon or chose a Siamese or a calico or an Angora mix that turned out to be a wonderful companion, you’re probably going to look for a similar cat the next time you’re ready to adopt.

I love the fluffies—Persian types, but not those with the super flat face. That is my visual preference in cats and boy do I melt when I see a fluffy cobby-bodied, wide-eyed kitten. Since having Katy, a Himalayan, for 17 years, I strongly lean in the direction of that breed when I dream of adopting another cat. She was a wonderful cat and she was with me during a transition period in my life—a great support and friend.

But often we take in the cats and kittens that need us without consideration for type and color and style because when it comes right down to it, a cat is a cat is a cat, and a cat in need is sometimes the right cat at the right moment. Do you agree?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes the cat that walks on soft paws into my life next becomes my favorite kind of cat.

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