Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Kitty Sisters

Lily and Sophie are not actually related. They’re what I’d call accidental sisters—sisters who’ve been forced on each other. Or you can look at it from a more positive point of view and say the universe or magical circumstances have brought them together—that they’ve been blessed to have come together in this home. But do they actually like each other? I have to say that much of the time it seems they’d prefer being the only cat, until someone wants to play.

Lately, Lily (the tabby) and Sophie (the tortie) are full of energy and eager each night to rumble. After dinner, Lily might perch on a chair back waiting for Sophie to walk by. She’ll pounce and the chase is on. Lily chases Sophie down the hall and Sophie chases her back into the living room. There’s a lot of crouching and springing and butt-wiggling and tail swatting. And it seems to all be fun and games for the kitty sisters.

Sometimes they sit close together—usually when waiting for treat time or supper. And sometimes, while sitting close, they get cranky—maybe from waiting. Sophie will give Lily a look and Lily seems to know exactly what it means, so she swishes her tail and puts her ears back. They stare at each other, then one might dive full-bodied into the other one. Or one will raise a paw. The other one will raise a paw. Then it’s a stare-down until one of them walks away or challenges. Who knows what goes through their little heads. All I know is that no one ever bleeds. That’s a good thing.

While these two do not curl up and snuggle together, they do share sun puddles on the living room floor on a nice day. They also share space around the heater on a cold day—one on each side of it.

I think the two cats like having each other around for entertainment purposes. They seem to miss each other if one is spending the day or overnight at the veterinarian, for example. So there seems to be some caring there, but they aren’t particularly close. I see pictures of unrelated cats curled up so closely together that you can’t tell where one cat ends and the other begins. It’s so cute. I’d love to have two cats who will snuggle like that. The closest our any of our cats have come to being snugglers is when our large snowshoe-type boy, Max, and Lily would hide together under the blankets when the gardeners were here. They’d also curl up together on me when I’d lay on the couch—but not exactly together. Max would crawl under the blanket to snuggle with me and Lily would lay exactly on top of him. That was cute.

I miss seeing cats relate so sweetly—even if it wasn’t exactly fur touching fur. I mean out in the open those two cats—Max and Lily—seemed to be strangers.

I’ve decided that Lily and Sophie are more like roommates rather than soul mates. And that’s okay, too—as long as there is some “like” between them. Me? I love them both.

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