Thoughts for Thursday – Celebrating the Catscapades Blog

For over ten years I’ve been sharing posts on just about every topic imaginable related to cats—behavior, health, safety, breeds, rescue, photography, cat motifs, genetics, psychology, breaking news and so much more. We’ve discussed everything here from the housecat’s beginnings and heritage to how to trim her claws and everything in between.

I strive to educate and entertain through this blog and I hope I’ve met the mark for my followers. I appreciate your interest and I trust that along the way I’m making a difference for the good of cats everywhere.

Thank you for listening and reading.

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2 Responses to Thoughts for Thursday – Celebrating the Catscapades Blog

  1. Kathleen Ewing says:

    Your blog is much appreciated. I’ve learned a lot of things i never would have discovered on my own. Thanks for all you do for us cat lovers.

    • Patricia says:

      How gracious of you to say so. I learn a lot too through my research and observation and from people like you who share stories and ideas with me. Your comments and encouragement are much appreciated.

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