Thoughts for Thursday – We’re All About Cats

Tuesday I shared a press release from Emma at We’re All About Cats. Today, I’d like to talk about their blog.

Here’s how they define their “Purr-pose.”

  • To create a cat-loving community where cat-lovers can share stories, advice, and leave comments aiming to educate and entertain one another.
  • Showcasing up to date information on realistic approaches to dealing with feline health and psychology.
  • Sharing Tips and Tricks for Human-Cat relationship troubleshooting.

At the site, I saw posts on tips for rehoming a cat, ten best chew toys for cats, best cat food for feral cats, best cat food for hyperthyroidism, and I love the “all about” posts. All about the calico cat, all about the ginger cat, all about the tortoiseshell. If you have a calico, you’d probably be drawn to the post featuring 101 popular calico cat names. Or you might do as I did and cut right to the cute cat photos.

When you want more information on a topic consider visiting We’re all about Cats. But make sure you have a little time, it can be addicting.

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