Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Time for Some Silly Cats

You know that I enjoy photography almost as much as I like writing. Today I’m sharing photos from my own collection as well as those of others showing cats at their most interesting, unusual, and even silliest.

My daughter, Terri Yanez caught this wild-eyed look on her cat when the silly guy climbed into her stove while she was cleaning it and popped up through one of the burners. Yikes!!! I’ve had kittens climb into the dishwasher and the refrigerator, but the stove!!???

Here’s a cute photo I took of Smokey (aka Rags) climbing a ladder. I always enjoy taking pictures of cats out of doors—there’s so much opportunity for interesting background and props. Smokey was an indoor-outdoor kitty for all of the eight years he lived with my mother—and a great subject to photograph.

Our torbie, Lily, was invited to try out for an online musical. She’d missed the deadline for a singing or dancing part, so here she is practicing to be part of the orchestra.

Another time she made the cut in the starring role as Tinkerbell. That’s when I became a stage mom—in cyberspace, that is.

If you have cute, silly, fun, interesting photos of your cat, send them along. I have a growing collection of fun photos from fans—a kitten asleep in a baseball cap, cats with flowers, cats riding in cars, a cat in a Christmas tree, a cat on a scale, for example.

Anyone have a picture of their cat in costume?

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