Frivolous Friday – Try Leaving Home Without It

First an announcement: Book 37–Cats and Caboodle–is ready for you to read on your ebook devise. Available now at amazon. ENJOY!!!

One day last week I walked into my bedroom and found Sophie having a euphoric moment with a blouse I’d just taken off. She was rolling around on the bed with my blouse clutched in her paws thoroughly enjoying herself. Of course, I grabbed my camera. As you can see I didn’t get the sweet moment I’d witnessed, but only the caught-in-the-headlights version. Cute, nonetheless.

This reminded me of the value in leaving an article of your freshly worn clothing out for your cats when you’re going to be gone for any length of time. When we do that, we return to find the t-shirt or pjs mildly disturbed, which means the cats were taking advantage of the offering by pawing at it, sleeping on it, wrestling around with it, or just sniffing it once in a while. For cats with any level of separation anxiety this can be comforting.

In our household, I’m not sure our cats miss us because they love us as much as they worry when we leave that we won’t be back in time for their next meal.

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