Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – You Found the Cat Where?

I found a cute piece of cat news last week involving presidential protocol and one smart cat, who may have broken it. While Trump visited the UK, Larry, the Downing Street cat and Chief Mouser for the cabinet office, crawled under his limo and refused to move. As I understand it, it was raining and Larry’s certainly no fool. He’s a cat, after all. He cared little about protocol or time-schedules, he just wanted to stay dry. You go, Larry.

Cats know how to take care of themselves. There was a story circulating a few years ago about a cat who kept an abandoned baby alive by climbing into the box with the infant to warm him. I have to wonder, was the cat’s primary concern the baby or was it his own comfort he was thinking about? Nonetheless, it was a touching story and I’m glad both beings survived.

Most likely, you’ve found your cat in odd places over the years. Kittens, especially have a way of discovering hidden, out of the way, secret cubbies where they can nap or just watch the world go by. I recall spending some frantic moments more than once searching for a kitten that seemed to disappear into thin air. In fact I’m having fun with that concept in Book 37 of the Klepto Cat Mystery series. (You should be reading that book before the heat of the summer subsides.)  I won’t tell you where the cats in Book 37 are coming from (and going), but in my real life,

I’ve found cats in closets, cupboards, drawers, exploring the dishwasher and fridge, and one was lost for hours in my home once among cans of peas and spinach on a built-in lazy Susan shelf. Boy, was I glad to find that little guy.

Cats are known to love boxes. It follows that they also like bags, tents, topsy-turvy blankets, and even baseball caps (if they fit). A cat can cause terrible fright when she disappears and can’t be found in any of her usual hiding places. You probably know that if a cat is especially frightened (or angry with you) she’s not going to return to her usual hiding spot. If she doesn’t want to be found she’ll hide where you’d never think to look. We’ve sure had that happen in our household. One of the best hiding places our cats found—freaking us out for hours until we discovered them—was up inside the lining of a mattress. Good job, Max. When I found him that day I didn’t know whether to scold him or hold him. Scary moments.

And sometimes a cat will hide in plain sight–a place you would never think to look–where she blends in so much you don’t see her. Yup, Lily has done that a time or two.

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