Thoughts for Thursday – Life Without a Cat

Have you ever thought about what life would be like without a cat in your home and your heart?

For me it would mean never having to use that tape roller gizmo on my clothes before leaving the house. I could take my black slacks out of plastic and move them to the front of the closet. I wouldn’t have to vacuum furniture when I expected guests—especially those with cat allergies. There would be no worries about a cat getting out when little children were going in and out of the house. There would be no nagging reminders of when it’s time to eat, give treats, etc. I could walk through the house unencumbered—no cats velcroed to my ankles. And the kitchen would once again be mine.

I could have fresh flowers and any plant I want in my home without fear of poisoning or spills. I could come and go without guilt or elaborate planning for the care of the fur-kids left behind. I could complete a project without an inquisitive helper, and I could get up from a chair or sofa without disturbing a fur-baby. My bed would once again be MINE and so would my favorite chair. I could also eat in peace.

I could walk barefoot throughout the house and not feel as though I was at the beach. Yes, no more tracked litter and no puffs of fur to chase across the hardwood floors. I could wake up on my own without a cat jumping on my head, biting my hair, and pawing at my nose?

Without cats, I’d have to blame myself for lost earrings and displaced keys. I wouldn’t have a cute little inquisitive fur-face join me in my office each morning. My house might even stay neat all the time without kitty toys, tunnels, trees, blankets, boxes, bags, tents, etc.


Do you remember life without a cat? Do you agree that the pros way outnumber the cons? In my mind I can actually turn the cons into pros. I mean, without a cat where’s the intrigue and laughter—the joy?



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