Thoughts for Thursday – When the Cat’s Away

We all know the rest of that saying—the mice will play. Well, what happens when you go away and leave your cat behind? Some people actually set up cameras so they can watch and even communicate with their animals when they’re gone.

We just returned from a little trip and we left our cats under the care of neighbors. We don’t have a camera system to keep an eye on the cats, but we sure see their reaction to us leaving as we prepare

We had one cat who often knocked the phone off the hook while we were gone. I always wondered if it was because when a call came in, she’d hear my voice on the answering machine and she was attacking the phone trying to find me. Or she was just tired of the robocalls disturbing her nap?

Tips for leaving your cat alone. Leave a freshly worn piece of clothing—pajamas are a good choice—on the bed or someplace else for your cat to cozy up to if she wants to in your absence. Leave plenty of fresh water and kibbles, if you feed kibbles. And try to get someone to feed who can do so pretty much on the schedule your cats are used to. Ask them to check on each cat each time they visit. If you have a hidey cat, tell caregiver where the cat usually hides and have them take a quick look to make sure there’s nothing terribly wrong with the cat.

Leave note with veterinarian’s number and show them where your carrier is.

With cell phones, texting, etc. it’s pretty easy to stay in touch with your pet sitter when you travel—so you don’t feel quite so removed from the home and the cats. You can actually call your landline and talk to your cat if you want to.

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