Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Interesting Cat Poses

We all love funny cat videos. Cats are fun to watch and to photograph. But they certainly aren’t always obliging to the photographer. Here are a few of my bloopers that turned out to be kinda fun. I won’t bore you with the many shots I’ve gotten over the years of a cat’s tail end. You know how it is when you focus your camera on the cat who is doing something really cute or about to do something you think might be cute and darned if they don’t turn tail just as you take the photo. Instead of an adorable shot of your cat tilting her head inquisitively, sniffing a ceramic bird, patting a baby’s hand, you get a blur of fur.

Here’s a shot I like of Lily displaying Cat-itude. And what about these shots of her appearing to be protesting the very idea of a camera pointed in her direction. Actually, I think she’s yawning. Yeah, bored with the whole idea of posing.


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