Thoughts for Thursday – Is Your Cat Drinking Enough?

Yesterday we talked about cats in water. Today our topic is cats drinking water. Yes, we visit this subject every once in a while. Why? Because it’s important. Cats don’t typically drink a lot of water because in the wilds—in their genes—they dine on live prey and tend to get the hydration they need. In captivity, however, we feed them kibbles, so they need more fresh water. What if your cat isn’t inclined to drink much water?

It’s difficult to determine how much a cat is drinking when there are more than one cat around. If your cat isn’t drinking much or if you don’t know how much water he is lapping, try these enticements. Most cats love running water for a couple of reasons. It’s fresh and tastes better than water that’s been sitting around in a bowl on the floor for a couple of days (or longer), and the stream of water is fun to watch and play in.

If your cat can be a water-waster—wants the tap water running all the time, invest in a fountain made specifically for cats. There are a wide variety of fountains for cats being manufactured now. Here’s a site offering reviews to help you choose which one to buy for your cat. I can tell you that Lily sure loves hers. The pump is electric so we unplug it when we leave the house and when we have a pet sitter (just so they don’t forget to fill it.) We don’t want it to run out of water and start smoldering or something. There are battery operated fountains, however. Lily’s fountain is getting pretty old. We may opt for the battery operated one next, if the reviews on them are good. Visit this site and do additional research and surprise your kitty with a water fountain. Let me know how it goes.


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