Frivolous Friday – Don’t Feed That to Your Cat

We talk to our cats like we do small children. We sleep with them, watch TV with them, play with them. Some people even travel with their cats. And we sometimes share our food with them.

But is that a good idea? Sure, if you dine on boiled chicken with no seasoning or fresh-caught fish, again, cooked and without seasoning. But much of what we eat is not good for a cat. And some of the foods a cat adores and begs for should not be fed to her. Here are a few that might surprise you:

Most cats cannot properly digest milk or cheese. Too much dairy can cause a tummy upset and diarrhea. A cat can develop mercury poisoning and even become malnourished from a steady diet of tuna. A little bite of tuna or cheese once in a while—I mean small—might be okay for most cats.

Do not feed your cat alcohol, grapes or raisins (these fruits can cause kidney failure). Don’t give her anything with caffeine in it, in particular dark chocolate. Raw eggs are a no-no as are raw meat or fish.

A steady diet of dog food can be dangerous for a cat. Dog food is formulated for a dog and does not have the nutrients and other things a cat needs.

Did you know that feeding a cat too much liver can cause a vitamin A toxicity?

Feeding a cat, just like feeding a child and planning your own diet, takes planning and care. If you want to treat your cat or share food with her, cook chicken without seasoning or buy healthy treats for her and offer a little at your mealtime. I can tell you from experience, however, it’s best not to get your cat involved in your lunch because you’ll never have a peaceful meal at home again.


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