Thoughts for Thursday – The Beauty and Intrigue of Black Cats

I visited our local Humane Society this week. I heard they were running out of pet food for their food bank, so I delivered some. Then I visited the cats. I was stunned to see how many beautiful black cats they had up for adoption. I’m guessing it was eight black cats out of a dozen total. Why are they the last to be adopted? Because they’re so nondescript? Ordinary? Have you ever looked deep into the eyes of a beautiful black cat? Have you noticed the variety of styles black cats come in? Just like other cats, there are black cats with cobby bodies, long fur, sleek fur, and they are seen in many breeds. My grandson has a solid black Munchkin and boy is he full of personality.

While in America black cats still carry that awful stigma erroneously cast upon them related to witchcraft, in some countries black cats are thought to bring good luck. Black cats are more disease resistant. Now there’s a real good reason to adopt one. If eye color matters to you, black cats can be found with green, gold/copper, and blue eyes and there are even odd-eye black cats.

Here’s another good reason to adopt a black cat—you can wear black without worrying about cat hair. If your black cat sheds, it’s not going to show up on your clothing.

Paws up for the black cat.

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