Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Kitty Girl Fights

Lily and Sophie are not related except by association. We had already adopted (rescued) Sophie by the time we found Lily. So we consider Sophie the big sister. They don’t seem to love each other. They don’t snuggle together. They don’t even rub against one another affectionately. The closest they come to even acknowledging each other is an occasional butt-sniff. Eeeew! And they sleep next to each other in separate kitty beds near the heater this time of year and, on sunny days, they share a shard of sunlight coming through the window.

They sometimes play chase. It cracks us up as we watch them tear down the hallway with Sophie on Lily’s tail, then back again with Lily doing the chasing. They might run lickity split up and over furniture, through their kitty tunnel and then slide across the slick floor trying to get traction before screaming down the hallway again. It’s fun to watch. But most entertaining is when they square off for a kitty-girl fight.

This happens when they’re bored or waiting for mealtime. They’ll sit close together for a few minutes. Soon one of them lifts a paw toward the other. She just holds it menacingly in the air. Then the other one lifts her paw in a threatening manner. The ears go back, they squint their eyes and soon the fight it on. It might consist of a couple of swats or a full on wrestle-mania. But as ferocious as it looks sometimes, it must be in fun because no one seems to get hurt, just maybe bent a little out of shape.

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