Frivolous Friday – Cat Oopsies!

Wednesday we talked about smart cats. Just like humans and members of every species, cats will sometimes do something dumb. In fact it’s the clumsy accidents and oopsies that has made the cat so famous throughout the Internet. You’ve all seen videos of cats falling, missing their footing when leaping from one spot to another, being frightened by a small lizard or mouse, and so forth. And you’ve probably busted up laughing at your cat when she does something that’s less than becoming of her. Cats are dignified creatures, which is why it’s so hilarious when they take a tumble or get caught up in a precarious situation.

Years ago, while on a long tether, my shaded silver Persian, Crystal, fell into the pool. I saw the whole thing happen. She slipped, hit the water, and somehow amazingly flipped her body into the air and landed back on the cement. She was, as you can imagine, dripping wet and very embarrassed.

I’ve watched kittens fall asleep soundly on the back of a sofa or on my desk and roll off onto the floor. One of my cats landed in the waste basket in my office once. Why they choose to sleep on the edge with half of their body hanging over, I’ll never know. I’m always scooting a cat over so she won’t tumble off the edge of my desk.

Lily once rolled herself up so tightly in the newspaper that she couldn’t move to get herself free. I must say I laughed while unwrapping her, but I didn’t have the foresight to take a picture. Suffice it to say she made an awfully cute little kitten burrito.

Our cat Dinah loved a lap, even when the lap didn’t belong to a human. This was another laughable moment, walking into the house and seeing the calico curled up in a dummy’s lap. Why did we have a life-size dummy in our house? We were involved in theater for a while and one of our stints was making costumes. In this case, they needed a dead guy for a scene in a play, so we created one. I think Dinah actually missed that guy when he left our house to become an actor.


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