Mindful Monday – One Amazing Cat Photographer

I speak often of cat photography and I share many of my cat photos here in this blog. But I have to admit, I find it rather difficult to get a good picture of a cat. Here’s a man who knew how to do it. In fact, his photos were so spectacular and he was so enamored by his cat subjects that he developed a career as a cat photographer.

Way before the Internet this man, Walter Chandaha, was creating beautiful images of cats. In fact his career started in 1949 when he happened to photograph an ordinary gray stray kitten. He died this month at the age of 98 having left an incredible legacy as a cat photographer. See some of his photos here:


Throughout his career as a freelance photographer, he snapped over 90,000 photos of cats—all sizes, shapes, and colors of cats and he did so professionally and beautifully. And no wonder he chose cats as his subject. He once said, “Of All domestic animals, the cat is the most expressive.” And he said, “A cat has a sense of humor.” Isn’t that the truth!!!


Here’s his own website with several beautiful shots of cats. Enjoy. http://chandohaphotography.com/cats_color.html

(Note: This is not one of Chandaha’s photos, but you’ll see many of his great photos when you follow the links.)

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