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We all like to think our cats are exceptional, and they all are in their own way. Some, like Rags in my Klepto Cat Mystery stories, perform some amazing and unusual feats. A cat might surprise us with their ability to unfasten a latch on a pen, for example, make friends with an orphaned baby bird, find a toy you’ve hidden from her, or express an interest in something cats usually dislike such as riding in the car—or making friends with a vacuum cleaner.

Did you ever see a cat climb a ladder, ride a horse, walk

Winfield Finds a Warm Spot

around the block on his human’s shoulder, ride contentedly in a pet stroller (or doll buggy)?

The truth is, some cats are smarter and learn more quickly than others. Most cats are teachable. Have you seen the uTube video showing cats ringing a bell for food? Cute as the dickens. Cats can also be taught to use the toilet. Some cats figure this out for themselves, but there are also training tools for teaching your cat to do so.

Homeschooling Lily

My mother is convinced that her cat, Smokey, understands her words. And she may be right—she talks to him all the time and she uses key words. She has named the rooms in her house and, as she moves through the house slowly using her walker, Smokey walks along with her and she’ll tell him, “We’re going into the tea room,” and that’s where he’ll lead her. Or she’ll say, “It’s time to go to bed,” and he’ll walk ahead of her into the bedroom. At feeding time, she’ll say, “Let’s go get your supper.” Yup, she says, he trots into the kitchen and waits by his dish.

Our cats seem to know when it’s time to start bugging us for supper based on what’s on TV. Sophie will perk up when she hears certain voices or theme music. She’ll stare at the TV for a moment, then begin hovering at the kitchen door waiting for one of us to go in there and get her food.

Which cat breeds tend to be smarter? Some say it is the Siamese, Bengal and Savannah. Others throw the Burmese in there.

Here’s a site you might enjoy on this topic.


What’s the smartest thing your cat has ever done?

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