Newsday Tuesday – Interesting and Outrageous Stories About Cats


We’ve reported on an island where cats are practically the only residents, we’ve talked about the cat train in Japan, but here’s an unusual story of cats renting their own apartment in San Jose, California.

Evidently the space was going to be used as an AirBnB. The rent is $1,500 a month for the apartment, which includes everything a person (or a cat) would need except a kitchen. This unusual arrangement came about when a man, who was caring for his daughter’s cats when she went away to college, moved in with his girlfriend, he had no place for the cats. So he rented them their own apartment. I just hope someone spends time with them. Poor little rich kitties.

Here’s an interesting story countering the claim that cats are totally responsible for the decline in and the extinction of some birds throughout the world.

Late this year Cats the movie will hit American theaters. I’m excited to see it. I enjoyed the play and I’m curious as to how they recreated the story on the screen. If you’re interested in acting cats, you might find this story fascinating. The behind-the-scene stories are always curious, especially when cats are involved.

Here’s a feel-good story about a North Carolina woman who retired from her work as a corrections officer and jumped right into helping feral kittens. She started by volunteering to feed abandoned kittens and now runs a shelter where she cares for forty cats at a time. Read her story here:

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