Thoughts for Thursday – Favorite Cat Toys and Cubbies

Yesterday I revealed Lily’s passion for tiny stuffed toys. She has a stuffed spider, little owl, baby otter, and, of course, a small stuffed kitten. Her lambie is one of her favorites. Lambie seems to come out of the basket first after I’ve scooped the toys up and put them away.

Sophie has no interest in Lily’s collection of toys. Her favorites are those furry mice you can buy at pet stores or in the cat food aisle of most grocery stories. She takes the little things by the tail and repeatedly tosses them in the air before pouncing on them with vigor. Both girls also like empty boxes. And they enjoy it when we wriggle a wand toy enticingly.

Someone once gave us a sort of fishing pole toy for the cats. We had to discard it, though, because once, when Sophie was a kitten, she got tangled up in the line and it scared her. This was during her socialization period—not good. So we shy away from toys with string or cord.

What’s your cat’s favorite toy or play style? Lily loves to chase paper wads. I especially get a kick out of her super-cat leaps into the air while batting at the wad when I toss it. It’s fun to watch her look of anticipation when she hears me crinkle the paper. She’ll come from anywhere when she hears that and becomes very alert to what might come next.

Sophie likes paper too—only she’d rather shred it than chase it. She’ll sometimes shred a piece of paper and make a nest out of it.

Why do we play with our cats? I’d say it’s for the pleasure we get from watching them at play. I love it when they get excited over a toy or a game.

It’s interesting how they can fall into a routine. Our big boy, Max, used to jump up onto the cat tree when he knew I was getting ready for bed. He’d wait anxiously for me to pick up his soft rubber ball and toss it to him. He’d bat it back to me over and over again—both of us obviously enjoying the game.

Lily likes to help me put on my walking shoes—you know, the kind with shoe laces. It’s a wonder I don’t sometimes tie a paw into the bow.

Blanket tents are a favorite of our cats. While neither cat likes to be covered up—you know, under the covers, they adore having a shelter they can crawl under and take a nap. We drape a lightweight blanket or towel over a chair or sofa and the cats immediately dive for cover, coming out only for food or treats. This is a great idea for when you leave your cats alone with the heat turned down on a cool day. They generate heat within the shelter and remain more comfortable.

Of course, there are numbers of ready-made cat tunnels and cat cubbies, but if you want a quick fix for a bored or chilly cat, the blanket tent is the way to go. Try it and let me know how your cats liked it.


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