Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Cats and Teddies

What’s cuter than a baby cuddling with a teddy bear? Let me suggest that maybe it’s a kitten curled up with a teddy bear or sitting with a stuffed owl or posing amidst her array of animal toys—or cats cuddling with cats.

After all, isn’t a stuffed animal kind of like a cute kitty-cat? They’re furry, have an adorable expression, are usually soft and cuddly. Only the stuffed ones don’t claw furniture, climb the drapes, beg for food, hide where you can’t find them when it’s time to see the veterinarian, dart outside in the dark when you least expect it, take a nap on your favorite black sweater which you forgot to put away, or bat your favorite pen or pair of earrings off the tabletop and into the waste basket or some other dark hole.

Yeah, I’ve always enjoyed cute stuffed bears and other critters. I have a stuffed moose from Alaska, several stuffed cats, an owl, and teddy bears in all shapes and sizes, including a tiny red-and-white checkered one, which I’ve so far successfully kept hidden from Lily. Yes, she has confiscated some of the small ones from my collection. Since then I’ve bought her some of her own and she does play with them. In fact, her collection is larger than mine now. At last count, Lily had 17 stuffed animal toys, including a koala bear, armadillo, hedgehog, and eagle.

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