Newsday Tuesday – Cats, Who Made News in 2018

I think we all find cats fascinating. The more cats you’ve had over your lifetime, the more you know how very different cats can be from one another. A cat is unique in his/her own right, but also very much a cat with catlike qualities.

I thought you’d be interested in some of the more outlandish and creative things cats did in 2018. Last month, for example, a tabby named Baloo took an unexpected trip in a box sent from Nova Scotia to Alberta. The box had tire rims inside and that was all it was supposed to contain. But before the box was taped closed, evidently the family cat climbed inside for a nap and found himself being jostled and dropped and carried and tossed and ultimately transported 700 miles before being discovered.

Oh dear! A cat named Padme in the UK caused his person quite a headache last year when he clawed a priceless painting that was in the process of being restored. There was no word about whether there was any punishment rendered for his crime, but I’ll bet the owner learned a lesson. Do not leave out anything valuable that could pique a cat’s interest where a cat might notice it because he will, most likely, examine it. And when a cat examines something it’s usually with his claws and teeth.

You probably saw the story of the college wrestling student who dove in and saved a cat after the feline fell through the ice on a frigid lake.

There’s another cat named Baloo who brings his humans a leaf every morning. How sweet. He used to bring in rodents, but I guess he didn’t like the response he got, so now it’s a leaf. Cute.

The oldest cat in the UK turns 30 this year. Wow!

Then there’s the cat that steals colorful plastic balls from somewhere in the neighborhood and brings them home. Within three week’s time, Tigger brought home 52 balls.

Ever heard of a support cat for a dog? Lady (the dog) evidently suffers from anxiety, especially when her humans leave the house. They noticed Lady snuggling with a cat once and decided to get her a kitten of her own. Now, when Lady feels anxious, Kitty cuddles with her.

Don’t you love these stories? I’m eager to see what interesting things cats do this year. Be sure to alert me to the stories you come across.

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