Frivolous Friday – From the Back of a Cat

We’ve all experienced cattitude in our own cats, neighborhood cats, the feral cats you might tend to down in the baranca. Something occurred to me recently as I was photographing Lily—while the cat’s eyes show immense expression, his or her personality or mood shines through even from the back. Here are a couple of photos I’ve taken and kept of cats who wouldn’t look at the camera.

Can you see a story in these photos, just the same as you could if the cats were looking at the camera? Look at these cats’ stance—way of posing. What do you see in these photos? Can you read their body language?

When you think about it, cats have a unique appearance that can be replicated using only a few lines. Just look at some of your favorite cat motifs and art. It doesn’t take a well-lighted, forward-facing cat photographed or drawn in great detail to be recognizable as a kitty-cat. The only other creature that is similar to a cat in shape and appearance is, perhaps, the owl.

I have a bowl with a sleeping cat carved into it. My friend, the artist, used just a few cuts quite artistically and it is clear to anyone who looks at the bowl that this is a sleeping cat. Of course, I don’t use it, it’s displayed in my home. You’ve probably seen or you own a t-shirt or drawing with a few graceful lines that obviously depict a cat without detail. Likewise, you may have a pair of slippers replicating a cat or measuring cups (yes I have some), serving spoon, jewelry (of course), note paper, wind chime, etc. that are obviously cats but they don’t have dimension or depth. And how many of you sent out Christmas cards (and receive Christmas cards) with cats? Oh, I see a lot of raised hands.

Today enjoy your cat from all angles. One of my favorites is when her tummy is exposed. Ooooh, I think I’ll share a few pictures of kitty tummies next week.


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