Mindful Monday – Christmas Eve With Cats

You’ve decorated your home or maybe just a room in your house or apartment. You’ve finished your shopping and wrapping. You may even have done some baking for a holiday gathering. And you’ve kept your cat safe through it all. With some cats that can be quite a challenge.

I met a woman this week with a cat who eats plastic bags. Her veterinarian told her that some cats are attracted to the animal fat in the bags. Who knew? But you do know the dangers of burning candles around curious cats, that some human foods are toxic to cats (chocolate being one of them), and other hazards.

Your next challenge will be keeping your cat safe while entertaining. Not every child (even adult) will remember to close doors when they enter or exit. A frightened cat might dart outside and become disoriented. Small children might startle or accidently harm a cat and inadvertently get scratched.

Our cats, Lily and Sophie aren’t social—especially when there are a lot of people around. When we entertain, we give Sophie and Lily privacy in a safe room where they’re comfortable and have everything they need—food, water, litter, and hidey places. We make this room off limits to guests.

Once the party’s over, the cats love to prowl through the living room examining everything new and everything that has moved out of place. They also spend several minutes sniffing for information such as who was here, where they sat, what was spilled, and who knows what all.

Enjoy your Christmas Eve, and make sure your cats do too.

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